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Dental Services for Children

Colouring pages, toys, and books provide a welcoming environment for kids at Ainslie Street Dental Centre – the start of healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Children's Dentist, Cambridge, OntarioWhat dental services do we offer for children?

Our experienced team is fully equipped to offer a complete range of dentistry services to meet the needs of a child's growing mouth, such as:

  • Custom-made sports guards
  • Space maintainers, for early orthodontic intervention
  • Dental sealants, to protect your child's baby teeth from cavities
  • Thumb sucking/habit-breaking devices to help your child overcome behaviours that could be potentially dangerous to their overall oral health.
  • Braces

What can you expect on your child's first visit?

We take a great deal of care when introducing children to the dentist's chair for the first time, because we know how important this introduction is. Our team works hard to ensure that your child's first visit to the dentist is a positive one – paving the way for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

If your child needs some time to feel comfortable, our staff is happy to give them all the time they need. Before the appointment starts, we will show them around our office, let them try out the dental chair, and give them an up-close look at how some of our 'cool' equipment works.

If your child feels comfortable enough after this process to have their first dental hygiene visit, we will do it right away. Otherwise, you can choose to bring them back another day when they're ready.

How do I prepare my child for the first visit?

Here are a few tips to prepare your child for his/her first dental visit, and to help make it go smoothly:

  1. Make the appointment at a time of day that works best for your child – try to avoid their nap time.
  2. Try not to convey anxiety to your child. Stay calm and relaxed. Tell your child about the visit, but don't go into specifics. Over preparing, or making the visit seem like a “special event" can create anxiety. The dentist and hygienist will explain and answer all of your child's more specific questions at the appointment.
  3. Be careful that what you say around your child about dentistry is positive. Never let your child hear of any past unpleasant dental visits – either experienced by yourself, siblings, or their peers. Be aware not to use words like “drill", “needle", “pinch", "shot", “yank", “pull". Avoid telling your child that something may or may not “hurt". Keep it simple!
  4. Don't worry if your child cries during the first visit. Crying is a completely normal reaction during your child's first visit. Stay supportive and positive if this happens, and work with the hygienist.
  5. When possible, let your child spend some time alone with the dentist and staff. If your child is mature (usually 3 years old and older) it is quite common for the dental staff to ask the parent to wait in the reception area. The dental team will create a comfortable environment for your child, will talk to your child in terms that he or she can relate to, and will make sure that the overall experience is a positive one.

A positive, enjoyable first experience at the dentist will help ensure that each subsequent visit goes well.

The first dental visit is an important milestone in a child's life – and in their oral health. We will do our best to ensure your child is completely at ease throughout their visit.

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