Dr. Mustafa Alani is a Dentist at Ainslie Street Dental in Cambridge. 

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Dr. Mustafa Alani, Cambridge Dentist

Meet Dr. Alani, a dedicated dentist with a passion for helping people and addressing their dental needs. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from UCLA and has since excelled in various aspects of dentistry. During dental school, he conducted cancer research for the Department of Veterans Affairs and contributed to multiple publications.

Dr. Alani's expertise includes surgical treatments, implant therapy, sleep apnea appliance therapy, aesthetics, and Invisalign orthodontic care. His commitment to patient satisfaction and his academic achievements have earned him recognition, including a Dean's honorary scholarship and multiple appreciation awards.

In his free time, Dr. Alani finds joy in exploring the great outdoors. He loves hiking trails and going on cycling adventures, appreciating the beauty of nature and staying active outside of his dental profession.

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