Dentistry for the Entire Family: How Dental Services Differ by Age

Dental services for each member of your family might look a little different. This is because your needs change as you age. In this post, our Cambridge dentists share some information about dental care services for the kids, teens, adults and seniors in your family.

What dental services will each member of my family need?

Kids: Preventive Care

A solid oral health care routine is crucial to your child's lifelong dental health. We offer a variety of dental services for children at Ainslie Street Dental Centre to help keep their smiles healthy.

Starting with their first visit (ideally at six months of age) and all through their school-aged years, we work with them to keep their smile healthy. along with the routine examinations and cleanings, we will also discuss your at-home oral care routine in order to make sure that nothing is missed.

For children at a higher risk than average of tooth decay, or for those that have special circumstances or needs, restorative dental services or customized treatment plans may be recommended.

Teens: Orthodontics

Your teen is growing into an adult. As they are changing, their needs are changing as well and this includes oral health requirements. You should be bringing your teenager in for a routine checkup and preventive care once or twice a year depending on your dentist's recommendations.

As many teens are concerned about their appearance at this age and having a healthy, white smile, we will educate them about the connection between dental hygiene practices and the appearance of their smiles.

If orthodontic care is needed, teens will be referred to an orthodontist for assessment and perhaps require treatment with braces, clear aligners, a retainer or other appliances.

Adults: Restorative Services

Once you become an adult the focus shifts to restoring your oral health and preventing serious complications from oral concerns such as gum disease. Preventive care should continue to be top of mind for adults, including at-home care and regular visits to dentists for hygiene cleanings.

Many people will need their wisdom teeth removed in early adulthood. Sometimes, oral surgery, specialized care, appliances or other treatments will be recommended for specific issues such as TMJ Disorder or sleep apnea.

If restorative services such as crowns, bridges or fillings are required, we are here to answer any questions that you have to help your visit be more comfortable.

Seniors: Ongoing Dental Care

Just like the rest fo you, your dental health concerns will change as you enter old age. Dental health issues might be caused by overall health issues or even medications that you need to take. This can increase your risk of developing dental health problems, including:

  • Dry mouth (caused by medications)
  • Need for tooth replacements or dentures
  • Tooth decay or cavities
  • Oral cancer
  • Gum disease or periodontitis

You may notice your teeth are getting less sensitive to things like pain from cavities or hot or cold temperatures. This is because the nerves in your teeth can shrink as you get older. Conversely, if gum tissue recedes this could cause your teeth to become more sensitive as root tissue is left exposed.

Plaque that is left untreated can create a plethora of other concerns. A dentist can examine your smile and help address these by recommending appropriate treatments such as dental implants, restorative services, a gum graft, gum therapy or oral surgery.

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